Best Macaroon-Chef Art Smith
Chef Art Smith, the actual moment he tasted a Lorraine Patisserie MACaroon. Priceless, right?


It was great to see and work with Chef Art Smith again. We haven't worked together since Oprah's 50th birthday party at Harpo Studios in Chicago!




Testimonial Fran Drescher


"OMG - off the scale! I love the chocolate dipped ones. YUM!!" -- Fran Drescher, accomplished Actress and President and Visionary for The Cancer Schmancer Movement.




Adrian Connor-musician


My friend and musician/songwriter Adrian Conner from Austin, TX said:

"Chef Michael Cohen makes the best macaroons I've EVER tasted. Yummy...He's shipping them too. Badass high end gifts for your loved ones!"

Thanks Adrian!

Adrian Connor Website


“I think these were the best macaroons I have ever tasted. And, for the first time since we were married, Neil ate a macaroon, and actually said, “Aren’t these delicious?!" -- Evelyn A.


"You make, by far, the best desserts we've ever had. The macaroons are so amazing, the key lime pie is the best in history, and the flourless chocolate cake you make is to die for. Thanks for making such amazing high quality gourmet desserts. We are big fans!" -- Ray Roehner, Universe Music Productions


"I am a huge fan of Chef Michael's macaroons!! I serve them at all of my workshops and they have become so popular that I have to order extra so they can buy their own and take them home!!" -- Pamela Heward, Career Transition Coach, Box Free Minds


"The best macaroons you will find. I never liked macaroons. But from the very first bite, I changed my mind. The chew, the taste, the look all work together to give you an eating experience you won't forget. Stop reading this and order yours now!!" -- Gary


"OMG!! Unbelieveably delicious! Soooo good - the crunch with the smooth center - awesome!  One of the best sweet treats I've ever had."  --  Marc


"They are absolutely yummy. I don't even like macaroons, but these are delicious - well done!!" -- Gail


"They're MACtastic!" -- Tom


"Kvelling, you have this Levy's seal of approval!" -- Max


"I am blown away with these MACs - the flavors, the packaging, etc. Wow! You really aced it buddy - super proud. The chocolate chip is absolutely insane! Put me on a once-a-month subscription!" -- Ryan


"Your MACaroons are the Bomb.  We are going to order them for our client gifts." -- Shari & Howard, Chicago


"Just took a bite of the plain, yum! The chocolate swirl, yum, lemon yum!! Still chewing. Mm mm the chocolate covered!  (next morning) Woke up and am having coffee and CITRUS macaroon!!! I didn't think I would like the citrus, but I LOVE them!  Macaroons GONE!" -- Robin


"Our macaroons arrived in perfect condition—no melted chocolate and the freezing bags were still very cold.  We have been fortunate to travel quite a bit and have tasted food in restaurants rated in the top 10 in the world—and your creations were right up there!" -- Bruce


"Your macaroons arrived in their cooler packaging in perfect condition.  The packaging was very impressive and the individual boxes are really beautiful; so much attention to detail.  The only thing left was to taste.  I chose a chocolate covered macaroon... It was a little taste of heaven.  Taken all together, the entire experience was wonderful.  Next question: can you make enough for a wedding? :) " -- Danny


"They're amazing. I've heard so much about your talent and, sure enough, these are ridiculously delicious. They are the perfect macaroon! So soft and delicious in the middle." -- Clementine, Musician, Website - ClemTheGreat.com


"All the macaroons we received were delicious but my favorite was the citrus one!  Our only complaint about the macaroons was that they disappeared too quickly!" -- Joleen


"The BEST macaroons ever!!" -- Jackie


"Yum!" -- Teena


"Chef Michael is the bomb!" -- Armando


"These macaroons are incredible!" -- Carol